The Solid Rock Lyrics Video



Words: Edward Mote
Music: William Bradbury
Key: D major
Time Sig: 3/4
Tempo: 94 | mid tempo
Meter: L.M. with refrain
CCLI #: 5252958
Verse: 1 Corinthians 3:11
William Bradbury

Lyric Insights

In “The Solid Rock,” Edward Mote beautifully contrasts the unwavering foundation of Christ with the instability of earthly ground. The hymn emphasizes the sufficiency of Jesus’ blood and righteousness as the only secure basis for our hope and faith. Mote employs vivid imagery, such as darkness veiling Christ’s face and the soul in the midst of a storm, to illustrate the challenges believers face. Yet, he reassures us that even in these trials, God’s grace remains unchanging, and Christ stands as our anchor and support. The final stanza points to the ultimate hope of being found in Christ, clothed in His righteousness, and standing faultless before God’s throne.

Personal Reflection

In a world filled with uncertainty and change, “The Solid Rock” reminds us of the unshakable foundation we have in Christ Jesus. This beloved hymn encourages us to place our trust wholly in the Savior, resting on His unchanging grace and the sufficiency of His atoning sacrifice. As we face the storms and trials of life, we can find comfort and strength in the knowledge that Christ is our anchor, our hope, and our stay. “The Solid Rock” beckons us to look forward to that glorious day when we will stand before God’s throne, clothed in Christ’s righteousness alone. May this timeless hymn inspire us to cling ever more tightly to the solid rock of our salvation, finding in Jesus the peace and assurance our souls long for.

Ask Yourself:

  1. How does the imagery of the solid rock and sinking sand illustrate the difference between building our lives on Christ and relying on earthly foundations?
  2. In what ways have you experienced Christ as your anchor and support during the “high and stormy gales” of life?
  3. The final stanza looks forward to Christ’s return. How does the hope of being found in Him, dressed in His righteousness, impact the way you live your life today?

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